USEDSLOTMACHINES.NET gives a 1 year limited warranty on our Refurbished Slot Machines, 90 Days on Monitors and LCD’s. Warranty is not transferable. If machine is sold or given to other person as a gift you need to tell your sales associate before the purchase is made and proper information is given at time of sale. Our limited warranty includes, Repair of parts & Life time telephone tech support. Light bulbs are not covered under the warranty. Slot machines are designed to stay on at all times, just like the ones in casinos. They have a battery backup to hold and maintain the memory of the game (CREDITS AND PROGRAMMING). If you shut your machine down and unplug it with credits on the game it will drain the battery within days. You must cash out your game and clear the credits before shutting them down. These batteries are not rechargeable. The life of the battery to maintain the memory of the games is 5 years. There is no warranty on batteries in the games. Boards are tested before they leave the shop. You will be responsible for the cost of the battery, labor and shipping to and from our company for battery replacement. Batteries are not covered under our warranties.

You have a 1 year warranty on parts: You are going to have to work on your game some. Everything is easy and for the most part plug and play. We will guide you through any part replacement with our professionally trained technicians.

There is no warranty on coin hoppers or coin assembly parts. These parts all refurbished to the highest of quality before they are installed and leave our facility in your game purchase. Coin hoppers are high maintenance items. They require you to work on them. Motors, driver boards and hopper knives break often if you overfill the coin hopper, use coins that are bent, or coins of the wrong denomination and size. These will affect the performance of your coin hoppers and will cause them to malfunction as a result and will cause the hopper to break down. If this happens the game is our of use until the hopper is repaired. If you are not ready to work on coin hoppers, then you can send it in for repair and we will be happy to repair them for you. You will be responsible for the cost of parts and shipping both ways to and from our facility.  Please be sure that adding coin parts to your game is what your truly want before you purchase this option. For more information please call sales department and we can go into the coin options more in depth.

Exceptions to coverage:

Equipment discovered damaged as a result of incorrect installation, improper maintenance, neglect, alterations, or any acts of a natural disasters, fire, flood, hurricane or tornado or extreme temperatures.

Game or gaming parts found to be defective must be shipped back to us at the customers expense for any warranty work to be performed. All warranty work is performed at our expense both parts and labor and the customer is responsible for all shipping  costs of all games or gaming parts, and the setup and re-installation of game or parts after warranty work is completed.

You are responsible for making sure your parts are packaged well to protect against shipping damages or loss of item, to us. Please insure all parts before you ship them. You are ultimately responsible for them until they reach our facility.  If you have questions on how to properly package your items before you ship them to us, please call and we will advise you on proper packing to ensure no damage to your parts is obtained. If by chance something arrives damaged and there is no insurance on the item you will have to bear the cost to replace the item. We are here for you and want to help in every way possible to ensure that your gaming experience is fun and not a hassle!

Delivery and shipping charges furnished by Carrier of your choice.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage due to re-installation and/or use.